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Housing Redevelopment Program
Neighborhood Ownership Program (NOW)

Funded by HPD, the NOW program aims to return formerly City in-rem properties to the tax roll. The goal of the program is to facilitate tenant ability to retain permanent housing through supportive social services.

Through the NOW program, the LDC manages 372 units in 15 former City-owned properties. The program provides childcare assistance, budgeting and apartment upkeep support, life skills workshops, and education and employment referral services assistance to the residents of these properties. The LDC maintains two social service counselors who work closely with and monitor each family's progress and integration into the workforce and community. All families must meet HOME income guidelines that do not exceed 50% of the median household income.

Belmont Arthur Avenue LDC
Neighborhood Ownership Program sites includes:
2216 Adams Place 21 $ 922,083
2428 Beaumont Ave. 16 $ 566,912
650 Crescent Ave. 26 $ 778,829
2246 Webster Ave. 21 $ 735,727
2247 Webster Ave. 21 $ 625,474
440 E. 182nd St. 21 $ 963,393
1329 College Ave. 30/1 $ 1,505,637
1135 College Ave. 40 $ 627,843
1374 College Ave. 20 $ 904,001
1378 College Ave. 27 $ 873,965
1350 Ogden Ave. 29/3 $ 1,582,710
163 W. 170th St. 32/2 $ 2,063,270

Neighborhood Redevelopment Program (NRP)

The purpose of the NRP program is to transfer occupied and vacant Cityowned buildings throughout New York City to selected community based not-for-profit organizations for rehabilitation and operation as rental housing. Through the proceeds from the sale of low income housing tax credits (LIHTC) and HPD rehabilitation loans, the Belmont Arthur Avenue LDC has been assigned over 10 buildings comprising of 175 units to be rehabilitated and/or reconstructed.

Upon completion of building rehabilitation, units are assigned to homeless and low-moderate income families. Rents for these units do not exceed market rate and are subject to rent stabilization, as well as Federal home assistance programs such as Section 8, so that eligible tenants pay no more than 30% of their income toward their rent.

Belmont Arthur Avenue LDC
Neighborhood Redevelopment Program
sites includes:
2029 LaFontaine Ave. 20
579 E. 178th St. 9/2
611 E. 178th St. 20
586 E. 179th St. 8
2025 Southern Blvd. 40
319 Crotona Ave. 8
4224 Park Ave. 10
4691 Park Ave. 18
547 E. 180th St. 27/3
1993 Bathgate Ave. 15

SIP Building Program

The SIP Program requires participants to provide a moderate level of social services to tenants.

The primary goal of this plan is to develop a pro-active social service plan in partnership with other local agencies, which will promote long-term self-sufficiency among tenant families. The LDC interviews each individual household under this program to determine their social services needs and develop a mutually agreed-upon action plan which will establish the linkage of the family to area service providers.

Under the SIP program, the LDC is and will continue to be a social service provider to the ommunity. Belmont Arthur Avenue LDC SIP sites include:

Belmont Arthur Avenue LDC SIP sites includes:
2270 Washington $2,336,544
480 E. 183rd St.
2183 Washington $1,522,000
4470 Park $1,131,700
1772 Weeks $2,281,354
1776 Weeks
280 E. 166th St. $575,000
1051 College $635,000
1055 College $635,000
1106 Morris $825,000
1114 Morris $1,550,000
1330 Morris $750,000

Third Party Transfer Program

The LDC has recently been included in this new citywide HPD Program.The goal of the City's Third Party Transfer Program is to ensure that distressed properties, for which real property taxes cannot be collected from current owners are transferred to responsible owners. The City expects that new owners, will remove housing code violations and improve the habitability of the properties. The effort, therefore, will expand the municipal stock of decent and affordable housing.

Third party transfers will only occur when the owner of a residential property fails, after repeated notices and outreach, to pay City real property taxes and other charges in the time allotted. The in-rem process leading up to any third parry transfer will extinguish most existing liens and encumbrances on the property.

Identified as a leader in our community in housing development and management, the LDC has been assigned as a third party candidate for a 21-unit property located at 982 Prospect Avenue in the Bronx. The program empowers us to provide and order all necessary materials, labor and services to remove and remedy the violating conditions specified in the judgments against the landlord. The LDC has utilized its own workforce as well as hired licensed contractors to accomplish the rehabilitation of the property. As per program requirements, all tenants were relocated within our existing low income housing stock and will return to the completed project by end of 1999. The LDC may voluntarily acquire the properties assigned on behalf of existing tenants, with the intention of transferring such properties to responsible tenant ownership.

Section 202 Program-Supportive Housing for the Elderly

The Section 202 Program is designed to enable very low income elderly (62 years of age or older) and disabled persons to live independently byincreasing the supply of rental housing with supportive services.

The LDC has thus far completed two section 202 housing projects - Notre Dame Apartments and Belmont Boulevard I. We are in the process of building a new facility at 185 Southern Blvd. to be named Belmont Boulevard II. All three facilities feature community rooms, gardening plots, backyards with a sitting area, laundry rooms, several activity rooms, private parking and full security services. Rents are subsidized under the Section202/8 Program so that eligible tenants pay no more than 30% of their income for rent.

Belmont Arthur Avenue Section 202 Program sites includes:
660 E. 183rd St. 97 $6.1 million
780 E. 185th St. 95 $7.9 million
185 Southern Blvd. 89 $6.964 million*
  *Projected Cost

Belmont Arthur Avenue space
Belmont Arthur Avenue space
Belmont Arthur Avenue space